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北京之春~ Beijing Spring

Sing away the Beijing winter,

when a shivering city retreated deeper,

lost under shelter, under chill surfaces,

buried by desolate concretes of ice.

Sing in the Beijing spring,

Life opening in the tender struggle

of magnolia trees along the Hutong

alleys melting free in the sun’s promise.

Sing in the Beijing spring,

Watch love opening the frozen faces

liberated through the trees’ embraces

as soft as blossom’s first pink kiss.

Sing in the Beijing spring,

Her people, their stubborn roots of history

flower into a warm fragrance of voices,

choirs on park benches bud mysteriously.

Sing in the Beijing spring,

birdsong valleys open between her streets,

your dancing spirit drifts in the streams

to take the city’s gift of love’s first flower.

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