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Is this Goodbye ~ Borneo Orangutan

I am next to you,

Feel the warm of my palm

in yours

Grow closer to me,

You can see the scorched jungle

Through the umber of my eye

I am swinging along

The branch of this page

Into the polished living rooms

Of my coffee table extinction

How will you know

The sight of tree top canopies?

How will you sing

The rare notes of dawn

Without a forest man’s wisdom?

I stretch and scratch

The truth, an itch in my fur

Over there a shadowy something

plays at lies, at death in tragic circles

On sawn wooden stages

My finger’s delicate reach

For the fruits of the vine

Finds only clearings of ash

An arc’s elegance

of somersault between boughs

Is a now

That suffices me

In this universe of stars

Threading moon-web

To sun-seed through

scatterings of my thoughts

The common sense

Of your needs

Reduces me to a cute photograph

A cycle that tightens till

The last of us

Shuffles from our arbour nests

A pet in the chains

Which manacle man

to a barren horizon

I am next to you,

Feel the warm of my palm

in yours


The Borneo Orangutan is on the Critically Endangered list. Less than 14% of the original population survive. This is due to de-forestation and the theft of young Orangutans as pets, after the killing of their mothers.

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