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Sturgeon Ghost~Dance

Armoured for past wars

In the scutes of submerged centuries

Till here, now, I fight this tightening line,

I’m a bloody great catch,

I give as good as I get,

But my body of oil cannot match

The scouring of my watery element:

This oxygenated flow of life

By a mass of dam walls betrayed,

Or antibiotic chemical chokes

That convulse along my blood

Like smoke in tumoured lungs,

My element become my grave.

Stubborn veteran of the old sagas

Sung from Yangtze to Vinlandia

Surging from shadows before time

My barbel tremor of origins

Sways in waters, ancient as planets,

My swim currents you through

The begin and end of things.

My legendary length in angler arms

Shrunk to the momentary ecstasy

Of an Instagram of victory

Or crumbled into caviar,

The beluga you crave to accompany

The Buluva, the Bentley or the Bottega.

The great saga of the vascular rivers,

Ripples in journeying muscles of song,

Become reed shrouded ghost silences,

A witness to the world, lost forever.


Sturgeon are one of the oldest living species on Earth. However this species is now Critically Endangered because of over-fishing and habitat destruction.

The Ghost Dance: a North American Indian religious cult of the second half of the 19th century, based on the performance of a ritual dance that, it was believed, would drive away white people and restore the traditional lands and way of life

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