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A Change is Gonna Come ~ 2020 re~mix

A jealous partner,I pushed her way too far

and Nature walked out on me, my lover,

leaving me to deal with all of the mess

of my own creation, can I get a witness:

To goats now nibbling at the roadside verges,

the deer gathering in bus-shelters and hedges

The white storks of England now breeding,

For the very first time since 1416, this Spring

Thoughts who bud in the silence of High streets,

Visions looking in, where cars no longer pollute.

I climb up, high in the still nest of my isolation;

Why is it only now, when Nature drives us apart,

That I begin to grow Her again in my heart,

Her chaotic ecology of love, her rivers of connection.

( Dedicated to my children Samir and Monsoon

on their birthdays ~ April 2020.)



If you want to see the further scenery


then you had better go up a higher level.

From the Tang Dynasty poem 登鹳雀楼 - ‘On the Stork Tower)

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