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Guizhou Buffalo

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Who has emptied Road?

Dark stench of my sweet dung

Rolls road back into your wallet.

Who has emptied Tongue?

Lushan bellow of my raw music

Silences your dictionary words.

Who has emptied Camera?

My hooves hard indifference

Empties your lens in dirt-dark.

Who has emptied Eye?

Ruby blood of rice-fire wine

Horn-locks your failing vision

Who has emptied Heart?

Meat of mud-honeyed hands

Works away your dull desires.

Who has emptied Money?

Embroidery of my hot breath

Stitches you in silk-iron clouds.

Who has emptied Mind?

Butterfly wing of thronging rings

Flies you free out from yourself.

Who has emptied Blood?

Muscle against muscle in struggle

Sings you into a rising yang sher.

NB - 'yang sher' is the Eastern Miao name for choral singing, often in 'call and respond'.

A 'lushan' - is a traditional wind instrument made of bamboo.

'Butterfly wing' refers to the 'Song of the Butterfly Mothers' - the Miaozu creation myth

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