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Is this Goodbye ~ Blue Wail

You whale-watchers,

In squeaks and squawks,

A flotsam of plastic agitations,

Littered and self-absorbed,

Your cackles falter

over the edge of oceans

as I fall back

Rolling far back into depths /

Depths blue beyond your death,

Rolling far back

Into a black and godless salvation

Where my contour of meat and muscle

Beats with Gaia’s girdled tides

This rocky planet’s circulation;

My unbecoming,

diffuse along the ocean streams

A holy-ghost glide of tapering flippers

And I slumber

Suspended in watery ether

As an earthly harmony /


To awake from such oceanic dreams


In an ocean-toilet of your trash,

Predatory plastic in smothering bags

Micro-pellets corrupting away lungs,

A calf, cancered by chemicals

Drifts, beyond help, to the futile

Clicks and calls of her mother,

hysterical among the nursing currents /

Once the whale’s song is gone

We will drift together, rudderless

Under the cold indifference of stars.


Blue Whales were almost hunted to extinction before the international whaling ban in 1967. The current global population is believed to be 3~11 % of the original total. The threats to the whale population are shipping, fishing, ocean pollution (plastics) and climate change affecting the krill it depends on for food.

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