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Le Dormeur des Rues

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

A veteran of the roads, stretched in the sun

The miles have caught up with him, stained

With the underground he brings to the light,

Burnt skin glowing with the dirt-dark of paths;

A young nomad, eyes closed on lost horizons

He's wrapped in the cold of store front steps

Feet in the debris of today, upturned dustbins;

He naps, peacefully nowhere in this centre

Where everything is found, everything lost.

Without mask, exhausts pull at his nostrils

Yet he is far, far beyond and will not respond;

City, wrap him in your armful of alleyways

Keep him close to you, he loved you once,

Now hands empty, palms turned to the world,

He asks for nothing, the nothings you give.

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