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Sturgeon Ghost~Dance

This is the song of the Sturgeon, opening the doors of perception to the struggle of this Endangered Species to survive.


'Beached' is a song of resistance to Brexit by re-connecting the Western Isles (Britain) to deeper world-wide currents.

剪纸 ~ Paper Cut

This song meditates on the Chinese tradition of paper-cut and its place in a changing, technology-driven society.

Butterfly Mothers

This poem was inspired by a Miaozu festival in rural Guizhou Province in China. It explores connections between past and present experience

Guizhou Buffalo

This song was inspired by a buffalo~fight in rural Guizhou Province in China. It is sung by the buffalo.

Wandering Spiritual China

You are invited to join a visit to a remote mountain-top village in Guizhou Province in south-west China, to share the spirit of the village

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